Book Release with Children at Seychelles National Library.

Sponsored by Playtime Seychelles

Children's Day 2016

Book donation at Ile Perseverance School

Sposored by Usborne Children's Book UK

Playtime promotes pedestrian reflectors.

Donation of the The story book "Kisisa en reflekter?"and a pedestrian reflector to Primary School Children.

This Campaign is sponsored by Playtime Seychelles, Barclays Bank Seychelles and Coreplast Finland. The Printing of the book by US Embassy of America in Mauritius.

Playtime Seychelles annual Christmas Gift Program for Children.

Sponsored by Lekia Sweden 2016

Sponsored by Lekia Sweden 2015

Sponsored by Mr. Willi Lieb Seychelles 2014

Seychelles National Road Safety Week 21/11-25/11 2016.